Cathode Ray Tubes (The Eye of Radar)

Ethel Leontine Gabain, 1883 - 1950

Cathode Ray Tubes (The Eye of Radar)

Ethel Leontine Gabain 1883 - 1950


A woman working in a labatory. The woman sits facing towards the left of the composition. She has a tube going into her mouth which could be connected to glass beakers in the background containing a dark liquid. Her hands are working with the equipment in front of her. Working on the Cathode Ray tubes played a vital part in Radar.

Display Label

Cathode Ray Tubes (The Eye of Radar) 1945 Ethel Gabain 1883-1950 Lithograph Ferranti Ltd made cathode ray tubes, a component of radar technology which was essential to the war effort. Shortly after the war, Ferranti assisted in developing the first commercial computer using cathode ray tubes as a memory storage system. Gabain was one of the artists commissioned to record the work of local industries towards the end of the Second World War. Her images focus particularly on women carrying out valued, highly skilled work. Presented by Ferranti Ltd 1945.236

Object Name

Cathode Ray Tubes (The Eye of Radar)

Creators Name

Ethel Leontine Gabain

Date Created

about 1945


lithograph: 33cm x 43.8cm

accession number


Place of creation

United Kingdom






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