A Day in the Country

William Holman Hunt, 1827 - 1910

A Day in the Country

William Holman Hunt 1827 - 1910


In the foreground of the scene there are three figures standing by the wooden gate of a cottage to the right. The group consists of an older woman wearing spectacles and a scarf on her head, a young man in a smart suit and top hat, and a younger woman in a bonnet, and they all appear to be having a discussion as they all look at one another not the viewer. The younger woman has her right hand on the older woman’s shoulder and her left hand on the arm of the younger man, and she is stepping forwards slightly towards the other woman. The older woman on the other hand, is leaning away slightly, with her left hand resting on the gate behind her and at her feet there is a cat. The younger man is to the left in the group and he too is stepping forwards and he is looking at the younger woman whilst holding a package under one arm and clasping the hand of the older woman in his right hand. The cottage behind them on the right is wooden with large bay windows and beyond this other buildings, interspersed by trees and bushes, can be seen lining the road that runs from the left hand corner into the distance. On the left hand side, partially out of view there is a horse and cart traveling on the road; there are three horses harnessed and the driver can be seen holding out a whip to the horses. Also in the foreground, in the bottom left hand corner, luggage bags have been left by the roadside. The three figures are based on the three graces.

Object Name

A Day in the Country

Creators Name

William Holman Hunt

Date Created



print: 14cm x 21cm
support (india inlaid): 17.7cm x 24.7cm
support (secondary): 32cm x 41.5cm

accession number





ink (black)

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