Cave Dwellers, Dieppe

Job Nixon, 1891 - 1938

Cave Dwellers, Dieppe

Job Nixon 1891 - 1938


A row of lean-to dwellings at the foot of a sheer rock face. The rock face is to the left. There are three pigs feeding from a trough at the left centre foreground. An elderly woman is standing beside the pigs, facing the viewer. She is slightly stooped and is holding a bucket. Goats and chickens can be seen outside the shacks. A man stripped to the waist can be seen at the right midground. A pathway to the right leads up between the rocks to the upper background. Doorways in the rock face to the left can be seen at the upper centre background.

Object Name

Cave Dwellers, Dieppe

Creators Name

Job Nixon

Date Created

about 1920


plate mark: 27.9cm x 41.3cm
support: 40cm x 54.5cm

accession number


Place of creation





ink (black)

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