Walter Richard Sickert, 1860 - 1942


Walter Richard Sickert 1860 - 1942


This domestic interior is represented using fine and delicate line-work allowing for a higher level of detail to be shown. The room is quite simply decorated with a fireplace just visible on the right hand side with a wine glass and decanter on the mantelshelf and a chest of drawers against the left hand wall. The chest of drawers has a glass case with birds in it on top of it and a painting of a woman hanging on the wall above it. In the corner of the room, leaning against the chest of drawers to write is a woman with her hair pinned back and wearing a blouse and long skirt. Seen in profile her head is slightly turned towards the viewer as she rests it against her right arm and gazes into the space in front of her. Seated by the round table in the foreground is a man who also appears to be gazing abstractedly into the distance. Unlike the woman he is seated and faces towards the right with his legs stretched out in front of him. His face is partially hidden as he raises his hand to his face to smoke. On the table in front of him is a rectangular packet and a large glass vase, but he does not seem to pay any attention to them. The only other detail in the scene is the painting hung on the back wall showing a woman facing straight on. The darker shading in the painting seems to correspond with the muted tones of the scene overall.

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Walter Richard Sickert

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print: 44.9cm x 32.9cm
support: 53.7cm x 41.3cm

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ink (black)


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