Lord Ashburton with Lord Shelburne and Colonel Barre

Sir Joshua Reynolds (after), 1723 - 1792

Lord Ashburton with Lord Shelburne and Colonel Barre

Sir Joshua Reynolds (after) 1723 - 1792


A group portrait of Lord Ashburton seated in robes to our left with a piece of paper in his right hand. Colonel Isaac Barre is standing at his side in plain clothes. Lord Shelburne is seated wearing robes of the Garter with his head turned left towards the others. Lord Ashburton (John Dunning, 1st Baron Ashburton) 1731-1783 was a lawyer and politician. In 1762 he defended the British East India Company merchants against their Dutch rivals. He was appointed Recorder of Bristol in 1766; Solicitor-General in 1768 and MP for Calne in Wiltshire. He married Elizabet Baringh, daughter of John Baring, in 1780. On the formation of the second Rockingham ministry in 1782 he became Lord Ashburton. William Petty Fitzmaurice (1737-1805), 1st Marquess of Lansdowne and 2nd Earl of Shelburne. He was a British Whig statesman and the first Home Secretary in 1782. He was Prime Minister from July 1782 to April 1783 during the final months of the American War of Independence. Colonel Isaac Barre (1726-1802) was born in Ireland, joined the army in 1746 and went to Canada in 1758 to fight the French in the Seven Years' War. He served under General James Wolfe during the capture of Quebec. He was shot in the face during the battle and lost an eye. On his return to England, he entered Parliament in 1761 through the support of Whig statesman and soldier Lord Shelburne. He distinguished himself as a debater principally in opposition to the American War of Independence. He held various offices and obtained a pension, which he resigned on being appointed Clerk of the Pells in 1784. He was blind for nearly twenty years before his death at his home in Stanhope Street, Mayfair, London in 1802 aged 76.

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Lord Ashburton with Lord Shelburne and Colonel Barre

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Dr David Lloyd Roberts bequest, 1920

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