The Last Supper

Raphael (after), 1483 - 6 Apr 1520

The Last Supper

Raphael (after) 1483 - 6 Apr 1520


The twelve disciples sit in equal numbers around the centrally located figure of Christ sat behind a long table which displays the remains of a meal not long finished. The twleve gentlemen are dressed in classical robes and are a mixture of ages, with long hair and beards. Some of the fgures talk amongst themselves, whilst a number focus their attention on Christ, denoted by a halo, who is sitting in a calm manner with his arms outstretched and hands resting on the table. He has a resigned espression on his face and looks straight out of the image at the viewer. A younger male figure sits to the right of Jesus, he is turned towards the figure of Christ. His right hand is placed on his chest and he has an expression of feigned incredulity on his face. To the left of Christ an older figure with a beard mirrors the gestures and positioning of the figure on the right but his facial expression is one of anger and disbelief. The scene is set in a dining room with an arched opening in the centre of the back wall, framing a landscape of barren hills.

Object Name

The Last Supper

Creators Name

Raphael (after)


support: 49.7cm x 63.6cm

accession number


Place of creation




Leicester Collier Bequest


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