Le Voyageur au Repos (The Traveller at Rest)

Alphonse Legros, 1837 - 1911

Le Voyageur au Repos (The Traveller at Rest)

Alphonse Legros 1837 - 1911


This landscape scene is rendered with very fine, quite loose line-work in a sepia tone. This allows for the different textures of features in the landscape to be depicted and for a sense of movement to be created, as in the leaves of the trees that frame either side of the composition. On the right hand side there is a single tree in the middle distance, whilst on the right hand side there are clusters of bushes and a few smaller trees that grow along the hill on the right. In the centre of the middle ground there is a clearing through which the horizon line can be seen, and it is this clearing that the man seated in the foreground is looking out to. The man, who is seated on a rock, has his back to the viewer as he turns to look into the clearing. In his right hand he holds a stick, whilst his left hand is resting on his left knee, and he is wearing a hat. He is seated alone, with nothing else in the foreground apart from other rocks and bushes.

Object Name

Le Voyageur au Repos (The Traveller at Rest)

Creators Name

Alphonse Legros

Date Created

about 1870


plate mark: 12.7cm x 19.5cm
support: 18.2cm x 26.3cm

accession number


Place of creation





ink (brown)


Gifted by Alphonse Legros, 1881

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