Les Faiseurs de Fagots (The Faggot Makers)

Alphonse Legros, 1837 - 1911

Les Faiseurs de Fagots (The Faggot Makers)

Alphonse Legros 1837 - 1911


Almost all of the detail of this scene is in the bottom half of the composition where two figures, a man and a woman, are in the centre. They are clearly collecting wood together; the man, who is standing slightly to the right, is bent over with his back to the viewer and facing the right as he uses a bill hook to chop twigs from tree branches. His right arm is raised as he lifts the bill hook in readiness for chopping the twigs he has placed across a tree stump in front of him. The woman is standing behind him just to the left watching what he is doing and she holds a bundle of twigs (a faggot) in her arms. All around the couple are signs of their work; on the left there is a pile of bound faggots of wood, and to the right are more heaps of tree branches in readiness for the man to chop. Even behind them there is further evidence of their work as on the right is a small hill where there is a broken tree trunk that stretches up and interrupts the skyline.

Object Name

Les Faiseurs de Fagots (The Faggot Makers)

Creators Name

Alphonse Legros

Date Created



plate mark: 38cm x 27.4cm
support: 47.1cm x 34cm

accession number


Place of creation







Gifted by Alphonse Legros, 1881

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