Caephalus and Aurora

Francesco Bartolozzi, 21 Sep 1727 - 7 Mar 1815

Caephalus and Aurora

Francesco Bartolozzi 21 Sep 1727 - 7 Mar 1815


A male figure holding an arrow in his left hand and facing to the left with his right arm flung above his head is on the right of the centre. He is being held aloft in the sky by a female wearing a laurel leaf garland around her head. They are Caephalus and Aurora. She holds him with her right hand on his torso and her left arm on his shoulders. A chariot in the sky to the left pulled by two horses and the reins held by cherubs, ascends into the clouds. Another cherub in the sky to the right, above the male and female figures in the centre, holds a torch. Two other cherubs are in the sky and under the chariot to the bottom left corner. One is holding flowers and the other is emptying the content of a pot over the land. There is an arrow bag on the ground below beside a tree on the right. The landscape behind comprises of a body of water in the middle ground, buildings beyond and hills in the distance.

Object Name

Caephalus and Aurora

Creators Name

Francesco Bartolozzi

Date Created



print: 27.6cm x 42cm
plate: 32.4cm x 44.4cm
support: 42.2cm x 53.9cm

accession number





ink (black)

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