The Sacrifice to Diana

Francesco Bartolozzi, 21 Sep 1727 - 7 Mar 1815

The Sacrifice to Diana

Francesco Bartolozzi 21 Sep 1727 - 7 Mar 1815


A crowded scene beside a classical rotunda. To the right is a circular building with columns supporting the roof and a statue of a the Roman goddess Diana at the centre. At the centre foreground a young man is catching a hare, whilst a dead hare is lying on the ground at his feet. There are sacrificial altars to each side, all with fires burning on top of them. There are people stood around the altars. A man to the lower right is knelt down and is in the process of gutting a deer. To the left two men are carrying a deer strung on a pole. There is a tall column surrounded by people in the left background. A man can be seen climbing a tree at the right edge and there is a landscape background.

Object Name

The Sacrifice to Diana

Creators Name

Francesco Bartolozzi

Date Created



plate mark: 30.7cm x 44.5cm
support: 43.4cm x 53.9cm

accession number


Place of creation





ink (black)

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