The Sick Duck

Graham Sutherland, 1903 - 1980

The Sick Duck

Graham Sutherland 1903 - 1980


A scene with three ducks in an interior. A sick duck is sitting in an armchair to the right with a themometer hanging out of its beak. It looks down towards the bottom right corner. To the left a duck holding a bowler hat and a stethoscope is stood facing to the right towards another standing duck in the centre. This duck is facing towards the left and appears to be talking to the duck holding the bowler hat. In the background a round mirror hangs on the wall. To the right of the armchair is a yellow door. The floor is white with yellow spots. Part of the Contemporary Lithographs printmaking project initiated by John Piper who encouraged artists to make colour lithographs printed at the Curwen Press in unlimited editions for sale to schools and public buildings.

Object Name

The Sick Duck

Creators Name

Graham Sutherland

Date Created

Jan 1937


support: 51.5cm x 76.8cm

accession number





ink (coloured)


© Estate of Graham Sutherland

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