Man seated in doublet and cloak

Charles Samuel Keene, 1823 - 1891

Man seated in doublet and cloak

Charles Samuel Keene 1823 - 1891


Seated in the middle ground of this print is a solitary gentleman seen in profile. He is not looking at the viewer, rather he looks straight out to the left. Despite his formal, period clothes, consisting of a hat, doublet and cloak, he is sitting quite informally leaning back into the chair with his left leg stretched out before him. His left arm is also resting upon the arm of the chair and in his hand he appears to be holding a glove. Although a lot of attention is given to showing the details of his costume the background is quite minimal with only hatched linework to suggest variations in light and the depth of the room. The darkest shading is behind the gentleman to the right thus drawing the eye towards him and increasing the impact of his presence within the composition. From the print series 'Twenty-one Etchings' by Charles S. Keene. Printed by Frederick Goulding (1842–1909) and published by Astolat Press (Guildford, Surrey).

Object Name

Man seated in doublet and cloak

Creators Name

Charles Samuel Keene

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