Malvern Abbey and Gate, Worcestershire

Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1775 - 1851

Malvern Abbey and Gate, Worcestershire

Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775 - 1851


Predominantly features the gate house to Malvern Abbey in the front right corner, depicted in a golden light. This leads the viewer’s eye diagonally back towards Malvern Abbey in the near distance, painted in cooler tones against a dark rain cloud. Underneath the archway of the gatehouse shelter a youth and a milkmaid. The milkmaid has taken off her heavy yoke and pails. To the left of the composition is a man sitting on a frame-saw. Before him lie a wheel hub and spokes, a wagon harness-block and joinery tools. A second man can be seen climbing out of the saw pit with a basket. Behind the saw pit, running diagonally from the left to a cottage with a tall brick chimney in the centre of the composition, is a row of small trees, and in the foreground can be seen the shadows of trees.

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Malvern Abbet and Gate, Worcestershire about 1830 Joseph mallord William Turner 1775-1851 Watercolour This watercolour drawing was produced by Turner for the Picturesque Views of England and Wales series. Proposed as a series of 120 prints after his watercolours, this was the most ambitious of Turner's print projects. The engravings were made on copper plates and only a few good impressions could be made. A commercial failure, it was an artistic triumph: one of the geratest series of prints after Turner. James T Balir Bequest 1917.104

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Malvern Abbey and Gate, Worcestershire

Date Created

1830 (circa)

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Mr James Thomas Blair bequest, 1917.


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