Achilles in Scyros among the Daughters of Lycomedes

Josiah Wedgwood, 1780 - 1836

Achilles in Scyros among the Daughters of Lycomedes

Josiah Wedgwood 1780 - 1836


Thick rectangular plaque with slightly convex upper surface. High white relief of Achilles in Scyros among the daughters of Lycomedes, showing central figure of Achilles, brandishing a sword in his right hand, a shield in his left, having been tempted by Ulysses. Three men to the right, turning away to draw their swords, seven women, the daughters of Lycomedes, to the left, Deidameia on her knees clutching at Achilles.

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Achilles in Scyros among the Daughters of Lycomedes about 1790 Modelled by John de Vaere 1755 - 95 Made by Wedgwood Jasperware with applied relief This is a scene from the life of Achilles, a Greek hero. To prevent him from fighting in the Trojan war, his mother has sent him to live in exile, under the protection of Lycomedes, King of Scryos, Disguised as a woman, Achilles hides in the palace with Lycomedes’ many daughters, depicted on the left. Some Greek warriors and another hero, Ulysses, have come to find Achilles to persuade him to fight. They have brought a pile of attractive gifts amongst which are a sword, shield and spear. When a trumpet is deliberately sounded, Achilles instinctively snatches up the weapons and reveals his true identity. The three men to the right turn to draw their swords. One of Lycomedes’ daughters, Deidameia, kneels, clutches Achilles’ leg and begs him not to fight; she is pregnant with his child. 1918.332

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Achilles in Scyros among the Daughters of Lycomedes

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Josiah Wedgwood

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[BG] Manchester Art Gallery - Balcony Gallery
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Transferred from the Horsfall Museum Collection, 1918


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