cake basket

cake basket


An oval, porcelain white basket with raised sides perforated with four panels of open trellis work, the intersections decorated with florettes formed of yellow and blue dots. Between the panels of trellis, inside and outside, are painted sprays of flowers in raised white rococo borders. The bottom of the basket is decorated with bunches of flowers. The basket has a twisted Sheffield plate swing handle.

Display Label

Metal Metal has always been associated with strength. In peacetime, it is a symbol of wealth and power; in times of war, it is forged into deadly weapons or used to protect the human body from harm. Its surface can be pierced into intricate patterns without weakening the internal structure. The strongest metals can be used for moving parts and to reinforce or join other components. Metal is also one of the most versatile materials. Pure metals can be combined to form alloys, with varying decorative qualities and uses. Liquid metal can be poured into moulds to make casts sheet metal can be cut, beaten and welded into objects or drawn into fine wire to weave a delicate mesh. Makers can work metal on a large or tiny scale, shape it into sharp angles or soft organic curves, give it a matt texture or polished mirror-like sheen... or even melt it down and start all over again.

Object Name

cake basket


object: 7.5cm x 25cm

accession number


Place of creation

South Staffordshire



Harold Raby bequest


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