The Landlord

Sir William Newzam Prior Nicholson, 1872 - 1949

The Landlord

Sir William Newzam Prior Nicholson 1872 - 1949


A three-quarter length, right side portrait of Tom Jordan, the landlord of The George pub in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. He is shown as a large man with dark hair and a ruddy complexion, seated at a desk to the left, with his right hand resting beside a pile of papers and a pen. He sits against a neutral background.

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The Landlord about 1900 William Nicholson 1872-1949 Oil on canvas This is a portrait of Thomas Jordan, the landlord of The George, Wallingford. In a letter to the Gallery Nicholson gave a vivid description of him: He was a charming companion and swore horribly in a voice you might take for a turtle dove. He was also a famous poacher and kept a large pocket in the back of his coat for game. He had a dozen illegitimate grandchildren of whom he was very proud. They all had good voices and sang sentimental part songs in the big kitchen of an evening. The monolithic nature of the landlord’s outline is perhaps a result of Nicholson’s experience during the 1890s in producing simplified designs for posters and woodcuts. Purchased 1919.20

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The Landlord

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object (object: 76.1cm (29 15/16in)): 102cm x 102cm
unframed: 76.1cm x 76.1cm

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oil paint


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