cap & hood

cap & hood


Cap made from black cotton, with finely-executed embroidery in rich sombre colours, with applied buttons and beads. Cut in two sections, one forming the crown and side pieces, gathered at the top, and the other forming a large square gusset, to cover the back of the neck and hang down the back. The crown has a 'top knot', a cone of printed cotton heavily corded, with a tuft of beaded loops at the top. Lined throughout with printed cottons. Mostly hand sewn. Top knot cording machined. Pattern - Broad bands of geometric pattern, based on chevrons, diamonds, triangles, stars and squares. Parts of the pattern are outlined in tiny white glass beads. Large white pearl buttons, of various types, punctuate the patterns in a fairly regular arrnagement. Stitches - Mostly satin and stem stitch, with some cross stitch, using soft untwisted cotton threads in maroon, olive green, sage green, bright green, navy, orange-red, gold, mustard.

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cap & hood

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Cap: 48.3cm x 43cm

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