Pilkington's Tiles Group Plc


Pilkington's Tiles Group Plc


Public: Squat globular cone shaped vase with tall neck, white earthenware, decorated with four women on prancing horses between four trees in silver lustre over a blue glaze. Private: Broad squat vase tapering to inverted foot, cone shaped upper body tapering to tall narrow neck, flaring slightly near rim. Decorated with a sky blue, slightly streaked glaze. Painted panel in silver lustre round waist of four Elizabethan horsewomen in large hats, riding side-saddle on prancing horses, between four chequered cypress trees. Alternating pebbles and tufts of grass on the ground beneath them. Bordered below by thick band of plain pale silver lustre, dark blue band round foot. Neck and shoulder covered in plain lustre with narrow border by shoulder of wavy lines and spots against blue glaze, lustre becoming increasingly gold and iridescent further up neck.

Object Name


Date Created

1909 (date of throwing)

accession number


Place of creation

Clifton Junction



Presented by Mr Edward A Eason


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