Pilkington's Tiles Group Plc


Pilkington's Tiles Group Plc


Moulded dish shaped plaque with petal-shaped panels and central boss, white earthenware, decorated with vines and berries, central eagle and inscription, in silver and copper lustre on a blue-green glaze. Large dish-shaped plaque with eighteen moulded petal panels on wide rim, large raised central boss in well-moulded with heraldic eagle and scroll. The design is based on Spanish dishes of the 16th century, themselves derived from an Islamic pottery tradition. The whole decorated with a green glaze, yellow-green on rim turning blue-green in well. Rim and panels painted with vine leaf scrolls in pale silver lustre, thick iridescent lustre edge to rim. Well painted in silver with alternating groups of stylised plants with heart-shaped leaves and copper lustre berries, and scrolling stems of heart-shaped leaves. Central moulded eagle painted in gold coloured silver lustre, scroll a dark blue-green with inscription S.JOHN in gold. Underside of plaque covered in mottled yellow silver lustre.

Object Name


Date Created

1907 (date of production)

accession number


Place of creation

Clifton Junction



Presented by Mr Edward A Eason


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