William Salter Mycock, 1872 - 1950


William Salter Mycock 1872 - 1950


Public: Lidded jar, white earthenware, decorated with three heraldic panels each including shields, lions, crowns, helmets and inscription round lid, all in silver lustre and copper red on a cobalt blue glaze. Private: Waisted cylindrical jar tapering to flared foot, narrow, flat shoulder with straight rim, shallow domed cover with pointed button finial. Decorated with a dark cobalt blue glaze. Painted in yellow silver lustre with three heraldic panels divided by three tall, slender cypress trees, each panel slightly different. Panels: a shield charged with a lion 'rampant', surmounted by a crown, a helmet and mantling; a shield charged with a fleur-de-lys, surmounted by a lion 'statant' on a helmet and mantling; a shield charged 'or three piles azure', surmounted by a horn, a helmet and mantling. Background decoration of small groups of three dots in copper red glaze positioned in rows. Borders round shoulder and foot of simple four petalled flowers reserved in blue with copper red centres, flanked by groups of short silver lustre stripes. Cover painted with inscription in silver lustre over a purple lustrous glaze, reading 'IN.BEATO.OMNIA.BEATA'. Outer border at rim of rectangular panels reserved in blue, each with two silver spots. Speckled and darkened lustre finial. Streaked lustre on underside.

Object Name


Creators Name

William Salter Mycock

Date Created

1912 (date of throwing)


without lid: 19.7cm
with lid: 24.4cm

accession number


Place of creation

Clifton Junction



Presented by Mr Edward A Eason


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