Pilkington's Tiles Group Plc


Pilkington's Tiles Group Plc


Public: Bowl, white earthenware, decorated with clusters of grapes and foliage, in silver lustre and copper red on an ivory glaze. Private: Thinly potted circular bowl with slightly flared rim, tapering to rounded base on straight footring. Decorated with an ivory glaze, stained yellow and brown in areas immediately surrounding lustre decoration. Interior of bowl painted over this with mottled copper red glaze, reserving four large ivory tear-shaped panels radiating out from corners of small central square in well. Square painted in silver lustre with star-shaped motif against dull copper red. Tear-shaped panels outlined in browned silver lustre, outlines turning inward at base of each tear to become stems supporting heavy clusters of grapes in copper red and silver, one in each panel. Copper red ground surrounding this painted with close-knit branches of slender leaves in silver, iridescent in patches. Bowl exterior painted with border of alternating ivory and red squares beneath rim, ivory squares filled with brown lustre stars, red squares with vague symbols in dull green. Below this, a simple cracked ice pattern in silver over a streaked lustrous orange and red ground.

Object Name


Date Created

1913 (date of throwing)

accession number


Place of creation

Clifton Junction



Presented by Mr Edward A Eason


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