Pink paper with blue border top and bottom (both faded), painted with three reserves of chinese scenes. reserves painted in birghter blues, greens and reds with a total of ten applied figures with applique fabric costume and ivory faces. Central reserve of a seated madarin receiving two male coutiers and one female (with a fan). The reserves either side both show a couple conversing in a Chinese interior. the ground around the reserves is painted with larger-scale, realistic flowers and insects. the blue border is painted with fishes and stylised motifs including the "Greek Key" design. Reverse is brighter pink ground and blue border (unfaded). Three reserves of flowers with a single bird centrally. Ground painted with scrolling motifs in shades of blue. Pinmarks around the upper edge of the leaf where it has been mounted. Sticks are black lacquer, painted with gold. central scene of an old and young man, in a garden. Both guards painted with a man standing under a wisteria tree. Sticks and guards painted very similary, front and back. Metal rivet, and gilt loop, with a green silk cord and a claret tassel with a clouded bead head. Box of black lacquer with gold border. hinged lid with clip fastening. Lid lined with beige satin, painted with birds and fruit and flowers. Box lined with pink paper and missing the original fan-shaped base section

Object Name


Date Created



Length closed: 11ins
Box: 15ins x 2.5ins
Width of leaf: 4.5ins

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Gift of Miss M B Moorcroft


© Manchester Art Gallery

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