Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd


Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd


Ovoid egg shaped vase, tapering to narrow stem and splayed foot on square plinth. Plinth has beaded border round upper edge, plain border round base and relief-moulded husk festoons on sides, all in gilt. Foot decorated with ornate gilt beaded and tulip borders at outer edge and junction with body. Main body divided into two parts by gilt ridge, lower part decorated with alternating small and large tulip style flowers and scrolls in gilt. On upper part of body, positioned round shoulder, four high relief gilt rams heads, husk festoons and stems hanging between them. Above this, single gilt border of tulip flowers round base of neck, everted rim of which is decorated with gilt palmettes. Plain flat inner lid with gilt band and gilt button finial sits inside neck rim. More elaborate outer lid, domed in the centre and pierced with simple flower motifs, gilt tulip border at outer edge. Large central teardrop shaped finial covered in gilt.

Object Name


Date Created

c 1920


without lids: 26.3cm
with inner lid: 26.6cm
with outer lid: 30.8cm
across ram's heads: 16cm

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