The Bum Shop

R Delin

The Bum Shop

R Delin


Coloured caricature showing women in various stages of dress and undress being fitted with bustles; bustles on the wall and on the floor. Titled : "The Bum Shop" and below "Derriere begs leave to submit to the attention of that most indulgent part of the Public the Ladies in general, and more especially, those to whom Nature in a slovenly moment has been niggardly in her distribution of certain lovely endowments, his much improved (aridae nates) of Dried Bums so justly admired for their happy resemblance to nature - Derriere flatters himself that he stands unrivalled in this fashionable articale of female Invention, he having spared neither pains nor expense in procuring every possible information on the subject, to render himself competant to the artfully supplying this necessary appendage of female excellence"

Object Name

The Bum Shop

Creators Name

R Delin

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Size: 31.8cm x 44.5cm

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