wedding dress & train

wedding dress & train


Cream silk satin and georgette. Satin underslip with wide sleeves, falling to point at wrist, trimmed with large bow worked in silver thread, pearls and glass beads at wrist. Satin tunic joined over shoulder by two bands, trimmed with pearl and glass beads. Sides gathered at low waistline and hooked together under large ornament of pearl and glass beads and diamante, with long strip of glass beads falling to hem and caught by smaller ornament below waist, shaped ends of back and front falling to long points at each side. Georgette train, figured in silver thread in large leaf sprays, lined with georgette and bound with silver ribbon, hooked onto shoulders with large button, covered with pearl beads on each shoulder, joined across back with four loops of pearls. In left hand corner of train, large bow of silver ribbon and spray of orange blossom.

Object Name

wedding dress & train

Date Created



Length CF: 111.8cm
Length CB: 139.7cm
Train: 274.3cm x 99.1cm
Hips: 96.5cm

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