Black cotton, with embroidery in rich dark colours and embellished with a motley collection of buttons, beads and half a zip. Made in a single piece, cut with flaps to cover the ears, and gathered tightly on the crown. The gathers are attached to a padded cylinder of blue cotton, which forms a top knot, and has half a zip coiled round it as ornament. Lined with fawn cotton (polyester/cotton?). Handsewn. Pattern; on upper part of cap, a band of sophisticated pattern built up of geometric shapes using straight lines, diamonds, chevrons, arrowheads, akin to Turkish E. European and Near Eastern embroideries, and presumably sharing the same Islamic influence. Wide borders round the lower edge seem much simpler, more robust and naive, being based on lines, zigzags and dots. Coloured glass and metal beads and a variety of buttons (probably secondhand) form bands between the embroidery, and highlight the designs. Stitches; satin, stem, back, running, zig-zag. Silk and cotton threads in maroon, dark blue, yellow, green, orange/red and white.

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Size: 28cm x 20.5cm

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Northwest Frontier



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