Thomas de Quincey

James Archer, 1823 - 1904

Thomas de Quincey

James Archer 1823 - 1904


A three-quarter, right side, portrait of an elderly man seated on a hard chair to the left of the picture, dressed in a black jacket with a white waistcoat and black necktie. The sitter leans slightly forward, his left hand resting on his left leg, his right arm resting across his right leg, looking off to the right of the picture. There is a plain background.

Display Label

Thomas de Quincey 1903 James Archer 1824-1904 Oil on canvas Thomas de Quincey was born in Manchester and educated at the Grammar School from which he ran away when he was 17. He is most famous for his autobiography, Confessions of an Opium Eater. In it he states that the purpose of the book is to warn readers of the dangers of opium. Within the text he acknowledges both the pleasures and the terrors induced by taking the drug. Purchased 1904.3

Object Name

Thomas de Quincey

Creators Name

James Archer

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Canvas: 102.7cm x 86.5cm

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oil paint


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