feather hat trimming

feather hat trimming


16 feather trimmings. 4 pheasant feathers (58.4cm). 1 black and white banded and speckled feather (76.2cm). 1 ostrich feather, pale ornage and orange-brown (27.9cm). 7 cock's feathers black/green (38.1cm). 2 blue feathers, osprey type (22.9cm). Plume of several black feathers, osprey type (36.8cm). Bunch of small black osprey feathers and ostrich feather trimmed into leaf-shape (30.5cm). 3 brown plumes with printed and numbered label attached (30.5cm). Spray of orange feathers (20.3cm). 2 plumes of curled ostrich feathers and stiff feathers, mauve and pale orange (20.3cm). Curl of 2 white feathers (17.8cm). Tuft of blue feathers (17.8cm). Wing of blue and brown feathers (19.1cm). Tuft of peacock feathers mounted against grey fur (20.3cm). Head of bird, black (16.5cm).

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feather hat trimming

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