miniature tea service

miniature tea service


Public: Miniature tea service, comprising six circular tea bowls, six circular saucers, kettle, coffee pot, two globular teapots, two circular teapot stands, milk jug, circular sugar bowl with domed cover and a separate cover. Cream coloured earthenware body sponged with manganese brown underglaze oxide. Private: Six circular tea bowls, each with narrow footring and everted rim; six deep circular saucers, each with high sides, footring and everted rim; squat globular kettle with high strap handle; tapering cylindrical coffee pot with rounded belly and plain handle and spout; two globular teapots, each on everted foot with plain handle and spout; two circular teapot stands, both on tall flared footrings, one perforated with groups of three holes; pear-shaped milk jug with pinched lip and everted rim; deep circular sugar bowl on everted foot with flared rim and domed cover; separate cover, probably from small teapot, with button finial. Cream-coloured earthenware body sponged with manganese brown underglaze oxide, bleeding into glaze to give mottled and streaky patterns.

Object Name

miniature tea service

Date Created

c 1750=1760


teapot stand: 2.1cm
lid: 2.4cm
saucer: 2.4cm
tea bowl: 2.5cm
sugar bowl: 4.6cm
milk jug: 5cm x 4.2cm
teapot: 6.1cm x 4.8cm
kettle: 6.2cm x 5.2cm
coffee pot: 7.1cm x 4.3cm

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Bequeathed by Thomas Tylston Greg


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