15 long sharp metal pins with various heads. 1) 3 pins with facetted green glass heads in round metal setting. 19.4cm, 21cm & 22.2cm 2) 2 pins with round pearl heads. 14.6cm & 20.3cm. 3) Pin with round black composition head, facetted. 15.2cm. 4) Pin with flattened circular dull metal head, diamante ornament in centre. 26.7cm. 5) Pin with pear-shaped dull metal head set with 5 diamante ornaments. 27.3cm. 6) Pin with rounded dull metal head, set with 7 diamante ornaments. 22.5cm. 7) Pin with facetted glass head, painted black at edges, in metal setting. 22.5cm. 8) Pin with flat heart-shaped openwork silver head, green enamelled heart on both sides. 22.9cm. 9) Pin with irregulary-shaped glass head with metallic covering, in small metal calyx setting. 21.2cm. 10) Pin with opal head, in flat circular metal setting with very small pearls. 18.7cm. 11) Pin with pale blue drop-shaped head with metal clover-leaf ornament. 19.7cm. 12) Pin with flat leaf-shaped metal head and 3 red glass berries. 18.4cm.

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