figure of Hygeia

Enoch Wood, 1759 - 1841

figure of Hygeia

Enoch Wood 1759 - 1841


Public: Figure of Hygeia standing at an altar made of white earthenware with a pearlware glaze, painted in red, yellow, blue, pink, green, brown and black overglaze enamels. Private: Figure of Hygeia, goddess of health, standing with jug in her right hand and a serpent wrapped about her left arm, classical drapery picked out in red and yellow, with white and blue checked skirt with red floral sprigs, jug picked out in pink, snake in green and red. Buff/pink pedestal altar to right, surmounted by small black bowl of flames. Hygeia stands on green and brown grassy mound with applied relief grass and flowers, beneath tall tree with applied relief palm frond bocage. Finely crazed blue pearlware glaze.

Object Name

figure of Hygeia

Creators Name

Enoch Wood

Date Created

1815=1825 (circa)

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Bequeathed by Thomas Tylston Greg


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