model of a dove-cot

model of a dove-cot


Public: Model of a dove-cot with applied doves perched on six ledges, white earthenware, decorated in underglaze cobalt blue, several doves veined with dark brown. Private: Steep triangular model of a dove-cot, with arched doorways onto six open ledges. Twenty modelled birds perched on ledges and emerging through doorways, six of them marbled with fine veins of dark brown. White earthenware, with ledges and rims edged in cobalt blue, front wall and birds spotted in blue. Six pad feet applied to base, remains of applied relief finial at top of roof, and external ledges either side of roof, all broken off.

Object Name

model of a dove-cot

Date Created

c 1800=1820

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Bequeathed by Thomas Tylston Greg


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