Public: Ovoid jug with cylindrical neck and acanthus moulded handle made of white earthenware, with relief-moulded portraits of Admiral Nelson and Captain Berry, painted in brown, yellow, yellow ochre, blue and green beneath pearlware glaze. Private: Ovoid jug with cylindrical neck, inset projecting lip and scrolling loop handle with circular pad at upper terminal, spur at thumbrest and relief-moulded acanthus border. Relief-moulded decoration to left of handle comprising left side profile head and chest portrait of Admiral Nelson in blue and yellow ceremonial dress, with yellow ochre sash and brown and yellow hat, flanked by two ships in blue, ochre and yellow on a green and ochre sea. Decoration to right of handle comprising right side profile head and chest of Captain Berry, in blue and yellow dress with ochre sash and brown and yellow hat, against repeated background to two ships at sea. Neck relief-moulded with plain white inscriptions above each portrait 'Admiral.Nelfon' and 'Captain.Berry', with border of small scrolling leaves above, picked out in green, yellow and ochre. Plain blue band to neckrim, brown band to foot and brown strokes to handle. Fine blue pearlware glaze.

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1798 (circa)

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Bequeathed by Thomas Tylston Greg


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