Public: Ovoid jug with cylindrical neck and angled handle, cream coloured earthenware, transfer-printed in underglaze brown with agricultural scenes and commemorative verse, picked out in overglaze purple and copper lustre. Private: Ovoid jug on spreading footring, with waisted neck, inset lip and shaped angular handle with outer spurs at terminals. Transfer-printed in underglaze mid-brown on side to left of handle with agricultural scene comprising farmer and horses ploughing field within cartouche of farming implements, entitled 'HIMSELF / THAT BY THE PLOUGH WOULD THRIVE / MUST EITHER HOLD OR DRIVE' across the top. Farmers arms beneath cartouche comprising woman milking cow within scroll inscribed 'INDUSTRY', ? (illegible) and 'WEALTH', with farmer to far left, farmer's wife to right. Side to right of handle printed with cartouche of scrollwork and farming implements containing verse: 'Let the wealthy and great / Roll in splender and state / I envy them not I declare it / I eat my own Lamb / My own chickens and Ham / I shear my own Fleece and I wear it / I have Lawns I have Bowers / I have Fruits I have Flowers / The Lark is my morning alarmer / So Jolly Boys now / Here's GOD speed the Plough / Long life and success to the Farmer'. Stylised flowerhead painted in overglaze metallic purple/copper lustre, with lustre borders to foot, neck and lip, and simple husk chain to handle. Greenish yellow creamware glaze, crazed in patches.

Object Name


Date Created

c 1805=1820


: 13.9cm x 13.1cm
across handle and lip: 16.3cm

accession number


Place of creation




Bequeathed by Thomas Tylston Greg


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