Spring Langan Champion of Great Britain

Spring Langan Champion of Great Britain


Ovoid jug on spreading footring, with cylindrical neck, inset lip and loop handle with tapering terminals. Discoloured buff earthenware with a pearlware glaze, transfer-printed in overglaze pink on side opposite handle with scene of spectators gathered around a boxing ring, two men, Tom Spring and Jack Langan bare knuckle fighting in the centre surrounded by four referees. Banners to left and right of boxing ring, inscribed 'Spring' and 'Langan' respectively, inscription beneath reading 'SPRING CHAMPION of GREAT BRITAIN'. Details picked out in red, yellow, green, blue, pink and black overglaze enamels, with metallic purple lustre leafy sprigs to extreme left and right. Neck, lip and foot all picked out in lustre bands, with simple leafy stem to handle. Crazed blue glaze.

Display Label

Gallery subtheme panel Telling Tales With the passing of time, life becomes history. What happens today is transformed by tomorrow into just another story that fades and is forgotten. But we look for ways of holding onto history, of fixing it, keeping it real and alive for future generations to know. Mementoes, keepsakes and souvenirs form the subject of this display. Objects that celebrate and commemorate, that speak of lives lived and events unfolding, from the coronation of kings to the fond memory of a seaside holiday. Some of these stories are from recent history; things you might well remember yourself. Others are older, tales from centuries ago. All of these things happened once, and were as real as this morning's news. The cheapest souvenir can be a potent reminder.

Object Name

Spring Langan Champion of Great Britain

Date Created



: 11.5cm x 15.4cm
across handle & lip: 15.4cm

accession number


Place of creation

Staffordshire (probably)



Bequeathed by Thomas Tylston Greg


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