dress & cape

dress & cape


Boy's dress with cape. Fine twilled wool, embroidered with borders of leaf design in two shades of fawn silk. Lined with white cotton. 1) Dress. High round neck with embroidered collar. Bodice front in two sections, seamed at CF, point each side at waist, piped at lower edges, doubling piping up CF seam giving waistcoat effect under extra section each side simulating jacket. Jacket sections lined with silk and seamed to bodice at shoulder, armhole and side seams, not meeting at CF and slightly lnoger than bodice. Embroidery each side of CF and round edges of jacket seams. Back in one section each side of centre fastening with hooks and eyes. Long sleeves lined with silk, cut on cross, widening to turned-back cuff edged with embroidery. Four tucks round elbow caught down with stitching in alternate directions. Detachable white cotton undersleeves with detachable white linen cufffs marked "CEB 1 and CEB 2". Full pleated skirt with very deep tuck between two bands of embroidery. 2) Cape. Lined with white silk. Semi-circle shaped for neck, white silk ribbon ties at neck, embroidered border all round.

Object Name

dress & cape

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1) hem: 223.5cm
2) length: 38.1cm
1) length: 54.6cm

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