Pair of Incense Burners and Covers

Josiah Wedgwood, 1780 - 1836

Pair of Incense Burners and Covers

Josiah Wedgwood 1780 - 1836


Public: Two lidded incense burners made of stoneware, solid white jasper with applied sage green and lilac relief decoration, on triangular plinths with legs in the form of grotesque dolphins. Private: Incense burner consisting of squat bowl with three small holes near base, on three grotesque dolphin legs, each with tail uplifted and head resting on triangular plinth. Plinth has concave sides with green laurel borders and chamfered corners with lilac paterae, upper edge lined with cable moulding, green on one burner, lilac on the other. Lilac flower and acanthus motif on upper surface of plinth beneath bowl. Bowl has solid white acorn pendant suspended from base, from which radiate green oak leaves. Sides decorated with garland of green ivy and lilac berries, suspended in three festoons from solid white applied knobs with lilac paterae. Three lilac medallions between festoons, with classical scenes, different on each, including Romulus and Remus, soldiers with chariot and horses, three putti with goat, reclining female with putto and altar, flying putto with bow and arrows, and three putti with scientific instruments. Ornate two tiered lid, lower level of solid white jasper with border of green anthemion and lilac flowers. Upper level has solid white lip with green palm leaves, the rest pierced to give grid pattern of radiating lines. Flattened pill finial with lilac patera.

Object Name

Pair of Incense Burners and Covers

Creators Name

Josiah Wedgwood

Date Created

c 1805

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