bough pot

Josiah Wedgwood, 1780 - 1836

bough pot

Josiah Wedgwood 1780 - 1836


Public: Bough pot of tall cubic shape with concave sides on four knob feet with a pierced cover. Stoneware, pale blue jasper with white relief scenes including a butterfly-winged nymph, trophy of musical instruments and one of weapons. Private: Bough pot of tall cubic shape with concave sides, swelling out at bottom corners into four inward scrolling knob feet edged with fern fronds in white relief. Oval panel set into each side, decorated in white relief with different scenes including; a butterfly-winged nymph carrying a ribbon; a laurel wreath containing trophy of musical instruments; another butterfly-winged nymph; a laurel wreath containing trophy of weapons and a pair of doves. Floral garlands suspended in loops from three paterae above each panel. Thick ribbed undulating rim to neck with narrow white relief twisted cable border beneath. Separate cover pierced with one large and four small circular holes, with pale blue dip on upper surface. White relief acanthus fronds in four-pointed star around central hole, single quatrefoil in each corner.

Object Name

bough pot

Creators Name

Josiah Wedgwood

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