Wedgwood Vase Creamware

Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd

Wedgwood Vase Creamware

Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd


Cylindrical urn-shaped vase, tapering slightly to curved fluted base on spreading foot. Deep fluted border beneath flat shoulder rising to narrow waisted neck with applied beaded collar and heavy ribbed rim with relief-moulded crossed ribbon straps. Two scroll handles with flared acanthus terminals at shoulder, applied high relief laurel festoons and chains suspended across sides from each handle. Cream coloured earthenware body with speckled green and blue porphyry glaze, reserving handles, applied festoons and chains, beaded collar and ribbon straps in cream with slight manganese brown specks. Flat square plinth in black basalt with inset relief borders of interlinking circles and anthemion motifs around sides. range name : porphyry

Display Label

Material Look-alikes Nature and science provide designers and makers with a vast choice of possible materials from curious organics to modern synthetics. In the display case to your left some of the objects are made from materials deliberately disguised to look like others. Can you spot the impostors? The answers are on the labels or in the folder below.

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Wedgwood Vase Creamware

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across handles: 18.7cm
: 35.6cm

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