candelabrum stem & cassolette

Josiah Wedgwood, 1780 - 1836

candelabrum stem & cassolette

Josiah Wedgwood 1780 - 1836


Public: Candelabrum stem made of stoneware, solid white jasper with dark blue and green dip and white relief decoration with ormolu stopper. Private: Ovoid vase shaped body with flat shoulder rising to high dome, narrow neck above with flared rim, body pierced with twelve drilled holes (eight in body, four on shoulder) and decorated in dark blue jasper dip. Spreading foot on white square plinth, side panels decorated in sage green with stylised rose and laurel border. Foot decorated with acanthus border and band of engine-turned dice pattern (blue dip removed in squares to leave blue and white chequered pattern, white squares then decorated with green relief quatrefoils). Foot has flared rim at junction with body, with white leaf border. Main body decorated with four classical scenes consisting of 'Hope with an Anchor', 'Night shedding Poppies','A Sacrifice to Peace' and 'Zephyr', separated by stylised honeysuckle stems. Lower body below decorated with blue, white and green dice decoration, shoulder above with laurel border in white relief on green dipped ground. Dome decorated with two bands, lower of dice decoration, upper of radiating palm leaves and simple leafy stems. Plain blue neck with central band of interlocking circles in white on green ground, rim with white leaf border. Large spherical ormolu stopper on small plate, decorated with leafy and beaded bands. Hope and Anchor & Zephyr & Night shedding Poppies & A Sacrifice to Peace.

Object Name

candelabrum stem & cassolette

Creators Name

Josiah Wedgwood

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