Cup with Nelson's Portrait

Josiah Wedgwood, 1780 - 1836

Cup with Nelson's Portrait

Josiah Wedgwood 1780 - 1836


Conical beaker of white jasper with dark blue jasper dip. Body decorated with festoons of oak leaves and acorns suspended in three loops from moulded ridge below mouth, three lilac medallions with suspended on white ribbons between them. Medallions decorated in white with scenes of Neptune with a trident and Hope with an anchor, the third with the initials H N in ornate copperplate script. Border of Egyptian symbols such as sphinxes round foot, plain white border round mouth inscribed THE NAVY OF BRITAIN in blue. Commemorates the Battle of the Nile.

Display Label

Gallery subtheme panel Telling Tales With the passing of time, life becomes history. What happens today is transformed by tomorrow into just another story that fades and is forgotten. But we look for ways of holding onto history, of fixing it, keeping it real and alive for future generations to know. Mementoes, keepsakes and souvenirs form the subject of this display. Objects that celebrate and commemorate, that speak of lives lived and events unfolding, from the coronation of kings to the fond memory of a seaside holiday. Some of these stories are from recent history; things you might well remember yourself. Others are older, tales from centuries ago. All of these things happened once, and were as real as this morning's news. The cheapest souvenir can be a potent reminder.

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Cup with Nelson's Portrait

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Josiah Wedgwood

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