#55 Silver Organism, Pinecone

#55 Silver Organism, Pinecone


Sculptural form in the shape of a hollow pine cone comprising individually forged components soldered together to create structure. Each petal-shaped component has undulating profile tapering out to rounded outer edge, matt whitened silver surface contrasting with shiny polished silver tip. Components vary in size to create organic-looking form, soldered together in centre in loose layers which creates a rough dimpled internal cavity.

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Eastern Exchanges: Craft and Design from East Asia 2 April - 31 May 2015 The ceramics, metalwork, jade, silk and lacquer of East Asia, have been admired and imitated by the West since the late 1600s and many of today’s most exciting international designer makers use East Asian traditions as a springboard for innovation. In the East, crafts have always been thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. Thoughtfully designed objects, made by skilled hands enhanced East Asian life at all levels of society and even everyday storage jars and plant pots represented an opportunity for artistry. But craft was not merely useful: it also expressed identity, philosophical ideas and spirituality. Respect for tradition is all important in the East, and the region’s rich if sometimes daunting craft heritage is evolving through integration of new ideas and international influences. This exhibition highlights this dynamic process: treasures collected by Manchester’s pioneering connoisseurs of East Asian art meet today’s most exciting designer makers. [Manchester Art Gallery mark] [Manchester City Council Logo] [Korea Foundation Logo] [Sasakawa Foundation Logo] [Japan Foundation Logo]

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#55 Silver Organism, Pinecone

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Whole: 15cm x 14cm

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[G12] Manchester Art Gallery - Gallery 12
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