Keith Murray, 1892 - 1981


Keith Murray 1892 - 1981


Conical bowl on short flared foot, moulded with four horizontal ribs around sides. Decorated with a semi-matt blue/grey glaze, sprayed onto the body giving a slightly speckled effect on interior and visible white lines around moulded ribs. Pattern reference number 3753/6.

Display Label

Gallery text panel The Industrial Art Collection In the early 1930s Manchester Art Gallery decided to form a collection of modern design. The Industrial Art Collection was intended to show how artistic qualities could be found in the most humble of everyday objects, from kitchen tableware to bedroom curtains. The collection enabled the Gallery to take part in a growing debate on standards in British design. It was an opportunity to encourage manufacturers to improve the quality of their products, and to show Gallery visitors that good design could and should be available to everyone. With this in mind, curator Lawrence Haward visited trade fairs and department stores, acquiring textiles, ceramics, glass and furniture. His choices are typical of 1930s 'good taste' and many have since become design classics.

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Keith Murray

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