The Cottage Door

William Collins, 1788 - 1847

The Cottage Door

William Collins 1788 - 1847


This is a rustic scene of a cottage, set amongst trees to the right, on the edge of wild common. A woman, with a baby in her arms, stands at the door of the cottage, at the top of a short set of steps. She looks out at two females who approach the dwelling, the first leading a pony, on which the second is seated. The first visitor wears a dark overcoat and hat, and carries a basket on her arm. The visitor on horseback wears a white bonnet, and leans forward as if to dismount. A pot and plate stand on a small table against the front of the cottage. Several barrels lie on the floor in the foreground, on left. A fence extends from the cottage wall, half enclosing the front yard.

Display Label

The Cottage Door 1825 William Collins 1788-1847 Oil on panel Collins had many patrons among the aristocracy but he was also a favourite of the middle class, who warmed to the artist's accessible genre scenes. In their rustic subjects and picturesque treatment these owe much to his early teacher, George Morland. This typical work may have been painted at Hendon, where Collins spent the Summer of 1825. The artist's sons were the the writer Wilkie Collins and the Pre-Raphaelite painter Charles Allston Collins. John E Yates bequest 1934.392

Object Name

The Cottage Door

Creators Name

William Collins

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Canvas: 25.4cm x 33.1cm

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Oil paint on panel


Bequeathed by John Edward Yates


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