Le Grand Duquesne, Dieppe

Walter Richard Sickert, 1860 - 1942

Le Grand Duquesne, Dieppe

Walter Richard Sickert 1860 - 1942


A street scene in Dieppe, looking up at public statue of Abraham Duquesne, which is silhouetted against a bright sky, in a small square railed off from the road. There are town buildings in the background with a side street running off to the right, and a group of children playing in the foreground beneath the statue.

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Walter Richard Sickert 1860-1942 The Statue of Duquesne, Dieppe 1902 Oil on canvas Profoundly influenced by French Impressionism, and particularly the painting of Edgar Degas, Sickert was resident in Dieppe from 1899 to 1905. His knowledge of Modern French art was central to new developments in British painting. This example was among a group of six canvases commissioned to decorate the Hotel de la Plage, Dieppe. Its simple, bold design reflects the nature of the project as well as Sickert's interest in modern French painting. The client disliked the views so much, however, that he sold them on almost immediately. The subject, represented in silhouette, is the statue of Admiral Duquesne in the Place Nationale. Abraham Duquesne (1610-1688) was a native of Dieppe who defeated the Dutch off the coast of Sicily in 1676. Sickert painted the statue a number of times. Purchased 1935.159

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Le Grand Duquesne, Dieppe

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Walter Richard Sickert

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unframed: 131.6cm x 104.8cm
frame: 159cm x 129.5cm

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oil paint


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