Bracelet of Medallions

Josiah Wedgwood, 1780 - 1836

Bracelet of Medallions

Josiah Wedgwood 1780 - 1836


Public: Bracelet comprising seven medallions bound round the sides with copper to form a thin frame and attached to each other by loops. Stoneware, blue jasper decorated with white reliefs. Private: Bracelet comprising seven jasper medallions, each of squared octagonal shape, bound round the sides with copper to form thin frame. Each medallion decorated with white reliefs against a ground of dark blue dip as follows : a - Andromache leaning against a pedestal, sobbing with one hand raised to her head; b - Cupid seated in small boat with billowing sheet tied to a staff for a sail, pulling on two oars and looking over his shoulder; c - two female figures standing either side of a basin with small fountain; d - three indistinct figures, two standing to the left, facing the third on the right; e - two draped figures bending over larger reclining figure; f - indistinct scene of three figures, two lifting large jars to mouths as if to drink; g - two soldiers, standing with spears facing each other, one with a horse. Each medallion is slightly concave on upper surface, blue dip wearing thin at edges. Four metal loops in frame of each medallion, two along top, two along bottom, single link attaching medallions together in a chain. Metal scrolls to top and bottom of seventh medallion, disguising clasp. Three links between sixth and seventh medallions, and clasp and first medallion.

Object Name

Bracelet of Medallions

Creators Name

Josiah Wedgwood

Date Created



each piece: 2cm x 2cm
overall length: 21cm

accession number


Place of creation



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