Edgar Rowley- Smart, 1887 - 1934


Edgar Rowley- Smart 1887 - 1934


Public: Large flat circular dish with slight rim and raised footring made of earthenware, white glaze with painted underglaze design depicting a seascape, sealife, sailor and woman in black outline with red, blue and yellow colouring in. Private: Lobster to bottom foreground, with loosely painted flowers and grass (possibly beach). Figure of sailor to middle left, head turned slightly to left to look at woman, yellow shoulder-length hair. Sailor wears yellow straw hat, blue jacket, striped shirt, white neckerchief, white flared trousers, and carries a caged parrot in left hand and white sack in right. Figure of woman to middle right, head turned slightly to right to look at man, curly shoulder-length hair. Woman wears wide-brimmed hat decorated with flowers and feathers, tight-waisted dress cut away at neck with full sleeves, lace to neck and cuffs and full length skirt layered at bottom. Woman wears gloves and holds parasol on right hand and handkerchief in right. Behind figures is blue sea and three-masted sailing ship, with stylised sun overhead. Border and background decorated with fish, sea monster, seahorse, mermaid and figure of 'wind' (face with puffed cheeks blowing from cloud). Three hanging holes to footring.

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Edgar Rowley- Smart

Date Created

1932 (circa)

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