Victor Cavendish Bentinck

Jacomb-Hood, George Percy (RPE,MVO,RBA), 1857 - 1929

Victor Cavendish Bentinck

Jacomb-Hood, George Percy (RPE,MVO,RBA) 1857 - 1929


Half-length frontal portrait of Victor Cavendish Bentinck, a diplomat. He is represented as a young man in a brown suit and green tie with fair hair parted down the centre. The light falls across his face from the right, casting the left side of the portrait in shadow. The subject is smiling as he looks directly at the viewer. There is a dark, neutral background.

Display Label

Victor Cavendish Bentinck about 1914 George Percy Jacomb-Hood 1857-1929 Oil on canvas Victor Cavendish Bentinck (1897-1990) is about 17 years old here. In 1915 he joined the diplomatic service and was posted to Oslo, before serving in the Grenadier Guards in 1918. Victor’s parents commissioned artist and journalistic illustrator Jacomb-Hood to paint all their children. Now we can search this young man’s face for indications of the successful Intelligence Chief that he was to become. Many other parents were less fortunate than Victor’s, and the portraits of their sons were pored over for clues to future lives that were never led. Gift of Mrs H K Jacomb-Hood 1935.482

Object Name

Victor Cavendish Bentinck

Date Created

1914 circa


unframed: 63.8cm x 51.2cm
framed: 83cm x 68.6cm

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Place of creation





oil paint


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