tintype photograph

tintype photograph


Full length outdoor portrait of five people: a man and a woman are seated on chairs, and two women and a man stand behind them. te seated man wears a bowler hat, and carries an umbrella. He wears a long double breasted overcoat, long trousers, shoes. He carries a pair of field glasses in his right hand. The seated woman wears a dark ornate fabric hat, a fancy long jacket with embroidery and tassels; an ankle length skirt fully pleated form waist to hem; and dark shoes. She carries as basket. The other two women are similarly attired. One has a very fancy hat, and several strings of beads around the neck, and carries a bag. The other carries an umbrella. The standing man wears a bowler hat, a cut away jacket revealing a waistcoat beneath. He wears a white handkerchief in his breast pocket.

Object Name

tintype photograph

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image: 10.4cm x 6.8cm

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