ambrotype photograph

ambrotype photograph


Man and woman seated on a bench outdoors. Man is wearing straw boater, he has an upstanding collar with necktie tied in a bow. He is wearing lounge suit, watch chain is visible and is holding a walking cane in his right hand and possible a cigarette in his left hand. Woman is wearing a straw boater, blouse with upturned collar and necktie tied in a knot. She is wearing a pale coloured jacket and is holding a pair of gloves in her left hand, she has a bracelet on the left wrist. Her silk skirt is gored and is trimmed with satin band near hem. They are both seated on a bench on the beach and behind them is a bathing cart which says "GENTLEMENS BATHING". Gilt mount and frame. Outer frame is wood and covered with red paper.

Object Name

ambrotype photograph

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image: 7.1cm x 5.8cm
frame: 9.4cm x 8.1cm

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